Similac Total Comfort Plus

Hello Mummy, here's a couple things you should know...

Did you know that 80% of your immune cells are located in your gut?1

The first two to three years of life is when the gut's microbiota is established and what is digested within those first few years influences your little one's health for years to come.2

Therefore, it's important for your child to have a healthy belly.

Is your child experiencing any of the following symptoms?

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  • right-callout
    Constipation/ hard stools
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    Crying/ fussiness
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    Colic/ gassy tummy

One of the reasons why these symptoms occur can be due to indigestion3. Similac Total Comfort Plus is formulated with easy to digest proteins which are gentle on children's tummies.


Easy to digest Proteins

Similac Total Comfort Plus undergoes a process which breaks down protein so that it'll be easier for your child to digest it4.These proteins are also known as pre-digested proteins.

Pre-digested protein is scientifically proven to resolve common feeding issues.5-8


Whole Protein

Formulated with Unique Vegetable Oil Blend (UVOB)

1. Similac Total Comfort Plus

aids in brain development for your child.

DHA plays an essential role in supporting brain development. Although the amount of DHA in a formula is important, the absorption of DHA plays an equally important role. Similac Total Comfort Plus is formulated with UVOB to support maximum DHA retention11.

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    Formula without UVOB

    Loss of DHA in stool is higher.
  • right-callout

    Similac Total Comfort Plus with UVOB

    Lesser loss of DHA in stool.

2. Similac Total Comfort Plus

is scientifically proven to reduce constipation.

Our unique vegetable oil blend helps soften stool which eases your child in passing motion.

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