11th January till 10th February 2022


Online Basic Bazi consultation
with Joey Yap's team


Check your Zodiac of Strength


Share result on FB and hashtag #ZodiacOfStrength #EnsureGold


Tag at least 3 friends


1. Find out your Zodiac of Strength by using the Muscle Age Calculator below. Follow Steps 1 - 4.

2. Click the share button on Step 5 and make sure that your post is set to Public.

3. Tag 3 friends or more. Add the hashtags #ZodiacOfStrength #EnsureGold to your post and a creative caption.

More Likes means higher chance of winning!

Terms and Conditions

- Six (6) public posts with the highest Likes will be chosen as the winners.

- Contest entries must be submitted by during the Contest Period (11th January 2022 - 10th February 2022). Entries after the contest’s end time will be considered invalid and are not eligible to win.

- This six (6) selected winners will each receive the following:

Redeemable e-Vouchers for a reading by Joey Yap’s Team worth RM1,188, which includes:

  • 1) House Floor Plan Analysis, 30 mins
  • 2) Personal Bazi Consultation, 45 mins

Read Full Contest Terms and Conditions here

Ensure Gold

Step 1:

Choose a suitable chair.

The height of the chair
should be approx. 43cm.

Ensure Gold

Step 2:

Use a timer to time yourself doing
the Zodiac of Strength challenge.

Sit-to-stand on both legs 5 times with
arms folded as fast as you can.

For your own safety

  • Be careful not to strain or injure yourself.
  • Stop challenge immediately if your knees start to hurt.
  • Don’t lean back to gain momentum or you may topple backwards.
  • Do the test when you have a friend or family member around to support you.
  • Do not try the test if you have had a recent fall or injury.

Step 3:

Enter your details in the muscle age calculator below.

Sit-to-stand time (e.g. 7.5 seconds)


You are living life strong.

Your muscle age is in the


Strength for 2022:


While your result is within your age norm, you are at the mean for the 30s!

Step 5:

Don't forget to share, hashtags & tag at least 3 of your friends for the opportunity to win an Online Basic Bazi Consultation with Joey Yap's team.

Ensure Gold

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Ensure Gold Ensure Gold

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MAL.2021.15972. ENS.1/EXP10JUN2023

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