Breakthrough nutrition for your everyday strength

New and improved Ensure® Gold™ is now even better with special
nutrient, protein+HMB*. Along with calcium, omega-3 and 28 vitamins
and minerals, Ensure® Gold™ is scientifically proven complete nutrition to
improve physical movement and provide you everything you need for
everyday strength1, 2**

Physical Strength | Ensure Gold | Abbott Nutrition Malaysia

HMB + Triple Protein Blend

Helps regain physical strength1

Vitamins & Minerals | Ensure Gold | Abbott Nutrition Malaysia

28 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Supports body defense system

Carbohydrate | Ensure Gold | Abbott Nutrition Malaysia


Provides energy

Prebiotics | Ensure Gold | Abbott Nutrition Malaysia


Helps improve digestion

Calcium & Vitamin D | Ensure Gold | Abbott Nutrition Malaysia

Calcium & Vitamin D

Fortifies bones

Omega 3 | Ensure Gold | Abbott Nutrition Malaysia

Plant-based fat-blend with Omega-3

Serving Recommendation - Ensure Gold by Abbott Nutrition
HMB & Triple Protein | Ensure Gold | Abbott Nutrition Malaysia
Physical Activity | Ensure Gold | Abbott Nutrition Malaysia
Vitality Icon | Ensure Gold | Abbott Nutrition Malaysia
HMB: ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate.
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* HMB is needed by the body to support tissue building
** When taken twice daily and consumed along with light daily exercise
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