With good muscle strength, your parents are empowered to carry out their good deeds and duties during the month of Ramadan.

Just 2 glasses of Ensure® GoldTM a day – once during sahur and another during iftar, will give them CaHMB + Protein, the Human Muscle Bodyguard they need to help them Live Life Strong.

Here's why older adults need hmb Here's why older adults need hmb

Adults lose up to 33% of muscle mass between age 40 to 705+. This affects physical strength, balance and recovery from illness.

hmb + protein

HMB (β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate) acts as a strong Human Muscle Bodyguard to build, repair and protect muscle tissue^***. However, HMB is difficult to obtain from our daily diet.

foods that provide hmb foods that provide hmb

Just 2 glasses of Ensure® GoldTM per day
gives you 1.5g HMB to improve your muscle strength^***.


6x Scoops / glass

2 Glasses / day = 1.5g HMB

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