Your Changing Body

Pregnant Mom

Physical changes on your body are commonly experienced in women during pregnancy. The chart below this article explains the changes that occur during pregnancy. Do consult with a physician in order for you to be able to keep a better control in maintaining your health and your little one.

1st Trimester (up to 12 weeks)2nd Trimester (from 13 – 28 weeks)3rd Trimester (from 29 – 40 weeks)
Your WeightTotal weight gain for full pregnancy approximately 11 – 16kg
Your SkinThere is no significant changeYou may look radiant with noticeable improvement on your skin. Stretch mark will emerge as your skin stretches to accommodate growing bumpMay feel stretched and taut along the pit of your stomach, and may itch too
Your MoodEmotional and easily irritated by little thingsCheer up after the symptoms of early pregnancy has reducedFull of vigor and energy; do not overestimate it
SymptomFeels dizzy, vomits, easily tired. Soreness as breasts starts to enlargeSweats, increased appetite & nipple may secrete colostrum (yellowish clear liquid)Shortness of breath, heartburn, indigestion and constipation. May experience Braxton-Hicks contractions ('false’ contractions that are irregular and painless)