Healthy Skin, Happy Munchkins

Healthy skin

In motherhood, there are fewer things more enjoyable than cuddling your little one. His bubbly joyful squeals are music to your heart. Indeed, many experts agree that skin-to-skin contact is good for the two of you.

Nothing makes a loving cuddle more enjoyable than when your little one is feeling comfortable with his own skin. To this end, you should pay attention to his skin, so that he is not only free from discomfort caused by conditions such as rashes, he is also always up for a big loving cuddle from you.

If you are one of these mothers, here are some tips to help you make your child feel more comfortable:

  1. A bath a day will keep your little one smelling fine and clean, especially after playing a sport or running outside the house.
  2. Don’t forget to wash his hair, as this prevents scaly skin forming on the scalp.
  3. Specially-formulated gentle soaps and bubble baths for children are preferred to grownup soaps and shampoos, as they are more gentle on your little one’s skin.