Exercises to Build Muscle Strength

In this 4-minute video by Ensure® GoldTM, Fitness Coach Karen Siah demonstrates exercises you can do at home for everyday strength.

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Exercises to Build Muscle Strength

Can you honestly say that you are not losing strength as you age?

Did you know, that adults lose 8% of our muscle mass every decade after 40*? You may not realize it, but aging presents challenges to our physical strength, body movements, and overall flexibility.

By incorporating strength building exercises into your weekly routine, you can stave off the effects of aging and continue to do everything you love. But how do you know which exercises are right for you?

In this 4-minute exclusive video brought to you by Ensure® GoldTM, personal trainer and fitness coach, Karen Siah, teaches you how to move your body in the right way.

Watch this full demonstration so you can get more strength and vitality from the comforts of your own home, and lead a fuller life.

* Flakoff P, et al. Nutrition. 2004;20:445-451

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